August 2011 archive

Satan’s looks

Probably, you have seen the drawings and cartoons of Satan’s representations. Red suit, horns, pitch fork, long tail, cape and¬†hooves.¬† The problem with this image is that it’s not accurate. It is only an artist’s imagination because of the terrible reputation of this creature. The description of Satan in the Bible is “as an angel …

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Who is Satan?

Satan is a spiritual being who is the enemy of God, and Christ. He was created in the beginning to fulfil God’s purpose of electing a people for Himself. Satan is real and the bible has a lot to say about him. He was introduced as the deceiver, in the Garden of Eden, talking to …

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Where is Hell?

The Bible speaks of Sheol and Hades as the abode of the dead. It is located in the “lowest part of the Earth” according to many quotes from the Scriptures. It is characterized as “the bottomless pit”. In Numbers chapter 16, we read the sad story of Korah. He and other prominent men (250 princes …

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