March 2019 archive

The Old Covenant

God gave the Old Covenant to ancient Israelites by the hand of Moses. This Old Covenant consisted of multiple laws -including the ten commandments- that all Israel had to follow under penalty of death. According to Christ, God gave the Old Covenant to the Hebrews of old because of their transgression and their rebellion. They …

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Ancient Israel

There are many Christians today who believe that that nation in the Middle East called Israel, that was founded by the English Zionists in 1948 is the legitimate nation of the descendants from Ancient Israel. These people in the Middle East who moved there after WWII and occupied Palestine, did so proclaiming their ancestry as …

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Women of Christ

There are many women mentioned in the Bible. Women who served God with all their hearts. They were godly women whose focus was to please the Lord in all they did. How were they able to do it? Today, there there are many Christian women who don’t follow Christ. They are deceived by the lies …

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