Leaders Who Tolerate Sin

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Even when many who call themselves Christians are living like the world, and there is no much difference between them and the wicked, many are looking for true Christian leaders.

In the Bible, we find the example of ancient Israel. God chose these people, descendants of Abraham, to be holy and to separate themselves from the rest of the world. In order to do that, God gave them specific commandments and a service that they were to observe to give glory and honor to Jehova.

God also chose specific leaders to call on, instruct, and reprove these ancient nation to keep them away from sin and guide them in the way of righteousness.

These leaders failed, because for the most part, the Israelites were “a stiff necked people; rebellious, and always doing their own will.”

It is a clear example of the world we are living in, now. Many in this nation, call themselves Christians, but they do not honor God or give glory to His Name.

America has become a leader in bad things if we see what is portrayed in the media. There are no true Christian leaders, showing a good example and speaking out about sin and its consequences. They keep silent to get advantage for themselves, but do nothing for the people of God. Billy Graham, among many,  is a good example of this kind.

That’s why true believers have to speak up, and take a stand against sin, and not let their homes to be wrecked. True believers are the true leaders, and if we do a good job in our own lives and homes, others will see the light, because the Lord said, “You are the light of the world”.

So, stop tolerating sin and take your light out from under the bed, and shine in this dark, wicked world. We have Christ, our leader, in our side. He overcame the world.

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