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Christians in this country are looking for a godly leader. Unfortunately, they forget that this is an ungodly world that is under the curse and under the rule of Satan.

The biggest problem though is that Christians are tolerant of sin. Where are the so-called Christian leaders fighting for righteousness and against sin? For more than fifty years, especially with the advent of television, the moral compass of many in our nation has gone down.

There is no more awareness of sin. Sinful practices are called by fancy names like “lifestyles”. Greed has become an accepted way of doing business, and fraud is commonplace.

Many are trying to revive the ways of the Puritans and forefathers, citing that they were “Calvinists” who adhered to obey the law, and subscribed to high morals and work ethics.

They are right in the sense that the law has to be respected and obeyed to accomplished a civilized society, but they fail to see that it cannot be done through religion.

The main problem of America leaders is spiritual. Most political, financial, and religious leaders in this country are corrupt. They have no knowledge of the fear of God. They may profess to be religious, but they don’t know the living God.

True believers should stop looking for a leader in this world, and focus on becoming leaders in their homes by teaching and guiding their families in the way of righteousness.

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