Jan 31


The doctrine of predestination is one of the most misunderstood teachings of Scripture. It is widely taught from Genesis to Revelation, still, many find it difficult and even abhorrent.

Why is is so? Man is full of pride, and that should be the beginning. Man is also spiritually dead, and he cannot understand the ways of a Sovereign God. Man is dead in trespasses and sins. His mind is abject to the truth, and he looks always for the most complacient way.

Predestination as it is taught in the Bible is the truth that there is a God who created this world according to a plan. He had this plan laid out from before the foundation of the world. God made a Covenant within the Godhead -Father, Son and Holy Spirit- that He was going to create a creature for His glory.

He planned the fall of man to provide a unique Savior – Jesus Christ. God prepared the Serpent to deceive and to destroy His Work. He did this because He had a greater Work in mind – the Atonement.

These things are difficult for most people to understand, because they are not familiar with the Scriptures. They prefer to go to a church and be taught lies that make them feel good about themselves.

The Bible talks about how man is: deceitful and desperately wicked. The Bible also says who God is: Righteous, Holy, and a Consuming Fire. In Jesus Christ, God revealed Himself as the Lamb that was going to redeem His people. He didn’t die for everyone, but only for those He planned to save before the beginning of the world.

That’s where predestination comes about. God created vessels of mercy, and vessels of wrath appointed to destruction. This is what Romans 9 talks about, and every one who call himself a Christian should know this very well.

Dec 29

Paul, Apostle by the Will of God

After almost two thousand years of Christianity, Paul, the great Apostle of the Gentiles, still has to fight for his right of apostleship. He had great controversy with the churches of Galatia and Corinth because there were many false teachers who undermined his authority and discredited his word among these congregations.

Paul’s conversion is recorded in Acts 9. He was a “blasphemer, a persecutor, an injurious” (1 Tim. 1:13) person against the church of Christ. He gives testimony of his condition before God “revealed His Son” in him (Gal. 1:13).

Paul was a Pharisee, raised in the Jewish religion at the feet of Gamaliel. He was very proud and confident that his upbringing and preparation in the Law of Moses gave him the necessary knowledge and right to come before Jehovah God approved.

However, God had better plans for Paul. Christ himself taught Paul of the purpose of the Law, which is the constant discussion in most of his letters. Paul learned the truth of the Gospel of Christ: The Law was the schoolmaster to lead the Jews to Christ.

When Paul learned the truth of the Gospel, he consider all his previous knowledge “as dung” to gain the “excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus”.

Paul understood this, by God’s Grace, and became a teacher and preacher of the New Covenant. All things became old and vanished away with the death and resurrection of Christ, and Christ brought in the New Covenant that Paul preached and the Jews rejected.

That was the main reason the Jews slandered Paul. They said that Paul was preaching against the Law of Moses, but Paul was not preaching against the Law. He was establishing the right place of the Law in the Everlasting Covenant that God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit made before the foundation of the world.

Paul was unjustly persecuted. The enemies of Christ and of the truth would move heaven and Earth to hurt Paul. Still, God preserved him until he finished his ministry.

Paul always had to defend his authority as an Apostle of Christ. In the introduction to his letters he stated being an Apostle “by the will of God”, because he had the thorn of the Jews discrediting and contradicting his message.

Little has changed to this day. Many “Christians” disregard Paul’s admonishions as if it’s not the Word of God. We still have a controversy with those who want to keep the Law of Moses and bring us into bondage to the Old Covenant again.

We should not subject to these false teachers, not even for one hour. Gal. 2:4-5




Nov 03

Is the Bible for Everyone?

If we take a careful look at the beginning of every book in the New Testament, we’ll see that it is always addressed to the saints. Every time the writer directs his words to a specific people: the saints in Christ Jesus who are in a specific place.

No one book in the Bible is addressed to the whole world or anyone who is not a believer. The addressee is always named very specifically. This is very important, because it helps us see that the Bible has been written for a specific  people.

Even in the Old Testament we find that God’s Word was always delivered to a specific people: ancient Israel. They were chosen by God from among all the nations on Earth, to be holy and to know the true God and His Word. Still, they “were not all Israel, who were of Israel” (Romans 9:6-7)

Ancient Israel was always in trouble because of their unbelief. Even when God delivered them from the bondage of Egypt, with signs and wonders and with an outstreched arm, they were  a stiff necked (very proud) people and rebellious. God promised that they were going to be judged and destroyed for their unbelief and that He was going to take His Word from them and give it to another people (the Gentiles) and they would obey Him.

Certainly, not all Gentiles will believe, but only those who He would call. God was going to choose out of all nations in the world, a people for Himself. That was the promise or the covenant God made with Abraham, the Father of many nations.

To say that the Bible is the Law for the whole world is a griveous mistake, because it was never God’s purpose to save the entire world. He chose His people from before the foundation of the world, and gave them His Word, the Bible, to make them know Him and to help them in their pilgrimage on this present evil world.

The children of God, holy and elect of God, look for the glorious appearing of their Savior and look forward to the promise of a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness will dwell. That event is still in the future, but we patiently wait for our Lord Jesus Christ’s return.



Nov 01

Leaders Who Tolerate Sin

Even when many who call themselves Christians are living like the world, and there is no much difference between them and the wicked, many are looking for true Christian leaders.

In the Bible, we find the example of ancient Israel. God chose these people, descendants of Abraham, to be holy and to separate themselves from the rest of the world. In order to do that, God gave them specific commandments and a service that they were to observe to give glory and honor to Jehova.

God also chose specific leaders to call on, instruct, and reprove these ancient nation to keep them away from sin and guide them in the way of righteousness.

These leaders failed, because for the most part, the Israelites were “a stiff necked people; rebellious, and always doing their own will.”

It is a clear example of the world we are living in, now. Many in this nation, call themselves Christians, but they do not honor God or give glory to His Name.

America has become a leader in bad things if we see what is portrayed in the media. There are no true Christian leaders, showing a good example and speaking out about sin and its consequences. They keep silent to get advantage for themselves, but do nothing for the people of God. Billy Graham, among many,  is a good example of this kind.

That’s why true believers have to speak up, and take a stand against sin, and not let their homes to be wrecked. True believers are the true leaders, and if we do a good job in our own lives and homes, others will see the light, because the Lord said, “You are the light of the world”.

So, stop tolerating sin and take your light out from under the bed, and shine in this dark, wicked world. We have Christ, our leader, in our side. He overcame the world.

Oct 31


Christians in this country are looking for a godly leader. Unfortunately, they forget that this is an ungodly world that is under the curse and under the rule of Satan.

The biggest problem though, is that Chrsitians are tolerant of sin. Where are the so called Christian leaders fighting for righteousness and against sin? For more that fifty years, especially with the advent of television, the moral compass of many in our nation has gone down.

There is no more awareness of sin. Sinful practices are called by fancy names like “lifestyles”. Greed has become an accepted way of doing business, and fraud is common place.

Many are trying to revive the ways of the puritans and forefathers, citing that they were “Calvinists” who adhered to obey the law, and subscribed to high morals and work ethics.

They are right in the sense that the law has to be respected and obeyed to accomplished a civilized society, but they fail to see that it cannot be done through religion.

The main problem of America leaders is spiritual. Most political, financial, and religious leaders in this country are corrupt. They have no knowledge of fear of God. They may profess to be religious, but they don’t know the living God.

True believers should stop looking for a leader in this world, and focus on becoming leaders in their homes by teaching and guiding their families in the way of righteousness.

Sep 30

The Christian World

Today, we have millions of Christians in the world. The sad thing is that they profess religions that differ from true Christianity, the Christianity of the Bible.

There are “Christians” who don’t even believe the Bible. There are those who don’t believe in Christ. There are even those who do not believe in God, and still call themselves Christians.

What has happened in this world with Christianity? We can trace back this history to the very beginning. We can go to the very moment when Christ told His disciples that there will be false teachers who will deceive many even the elect, if that were possible.

Public Christianity today is a farce. Most Christians all over this world do not know or understand the Scriptures. Pastors, and theologians have written their opinions and personal views in an attempt to interpret the Scriptures. They create confusion and division, because these men are unsaved and do not have the Spirit of God.

It is very sad that after two thousand years, Christianity has changed so much that it does not reflect the truth of the Scriptures anymore. The message of the Gospel has been changed; it has become accursed. There is no truth to be found in the midst of the so called Christian churches.

The disciples were called “Christians” for the first time in Antioch. People in this city, still in existence, have never heard the truth of the Gospel of Christ. Most of the churches addressed in the letters of Revelation were located in Asia.

Today, these nations are under the spell of the false religion of Islam. They have never heard the truth of the Bible. They will never hear it, because the very people who should be qualified to bring the message of salvation are all corrupted and don’t even know the truth.

Only God can bring His truth up again. But, it is written that the apostasy would come and it would trample the truth to the ground. This is what has happened. It was prophesied and it is being fulfilled.

May God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, grant us His Grace, still, that we may see and hear the truth again, at least in this land.

Sep 23

The Wicked Attempts to Contradict God

Many people (theologians, religious false Christians) want to deny the truth of God. They engage in debates about doctrines that they do not know, understand or believe. Still, they communicate their views and feelings, and many ignorant people consider their thoughts as true.

Among those false teachers, we find the ones that do not believe hell is real. They rationalize thinking that “a loving God” would not send anybody to hell.

The fact is that the doctrine of eternal damnation is very clearly written in the Scriptures. As soon as God created man, He gave the man a warning, “do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because the day you eat of it, you shall surely die, dying”.

The man disobeyed God, because he believed Satan’s lie and did not trust God’s Word. Man fell into sin, death, and damnation, as God has said. He became subject of Satan’s kingdom and separated from God in life and after death.

At the time, which was before the cross, God revealed that all who died went to a place called Sheol. The Bible describes this place as dark, and silent. A place of consciousness where the souls remained until the time when they would be resurrected.

Daniel spoke about that resurrection. He said that some will be resurrected to live forever, and others will be resurrected to be condemned forever, too.

Christ gave a more detailed description of the place, called Hades in Greek, as a place of darkness, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. There, the souls of the unsaved will remain until the end of time when Christ will come to judge the world.

The final destination of the unbelievers will be the Lake of Fire. God also describes this place as a place where “the worm never dies, and the fire is never quenched”. Revelation 14:11 depicts the end of the unbelievers in unequivocal terms, “The smoke of their torment ascended up forever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night…”

In contrast, the believers have rest forever and ever, “they will rest from their labors”.

So, there are those who denied Hell because they do not like the idea of a just God, who exercise justice upon the ungodly, but that is the truth. God glorifies His Name when He saves His people, and also when He damns the unbelievers to be in torment forever and ever.

Sep 09

The Apostasy

Many theologians have written about the apostasy as if it were an end-of-the-world event. They say that before the return of Christ, there will be a departure from the faith in the churches. That many will leave the churches and will become as the world.

The truth is that the Apostasy started at the cross. Christ warned His disciples about false Christs, and all the apostles in their letters also admonished the believers to beware of false teachers that would come into their circle unawares and would try to deceive them.

The apostasy was prophesied by Daniel in chapter 9. Christ told His disciples to go and read Daniel. He opened the book of Daniel that had been sealed for almost 500 years, so they could understand the reality of the Messiah coming and establishing His kingdom, and also the warfare that would follow afterwards.

Damiel said that the truth was going to be trampled down under foot by the enemies of Christ led by Satan, and that they would prosper. John in his first letter said that the apostasy was already at work.

The apostasy has been on earth since the death of Christ, because Satan was loosed from his prison at the cross. The accounts in Revelation that talk about Satan being defeated and being freed from prison occurred at the same time, at the cross.

Christ destroyed the power of the Devil, but He also let him loose to continue deceiving a wicked and cursed world that wants nothing to do with God. That’s the reason why evil prospers in this world without apparent restrain. God has allowed it, to test His people like gold is tested.

Believers do not dispair, because we know that Christ has overcome Satan and the world, even when the world seems to have the upper hand.

Sep 04

Did Christ Die for the Sins of the Whole World?

The gospel preached today gives the idea that Christ died for the sins of the whole human race. Many so called Christian churches teach that “the world” in John 3:16 means every human being.

Many Christians have been taught to believe that Christ died for the sins of everybody. Unfortunately, this is a false notion created by false ministers who do not know how to interpret the Bible correctly.

In the Gospel of John, we find the greatest evidence of the distinction that God makes between those who are His people and those who are not. He declares in John 6, 10, 15, 16, 17 and many other places that He calls His people and they hear His voice.

The people of God do not hear the voice of strangers, or hirelings, or the enemy of Christ (Satan). The saints of God follow the Good Shepherd and love Him and obey His voice, because the precious blood of Christ was shed to redeem them from sin and death.

There are many people in the world today who think they are Christians because they belong to a church and do good things to “serve the Lord”. They have been led to believe that they were saved by reciting the “sinner’s prayer” and by letting Christ enter their hearts.

This is simply impossible, because no one can come to Christ unless the Father draws him. And no one has the ability to accept Christ and let him in their hearts. The natural man’s heart is corrupted, and man is dead in trespasses and sin, how can he accept Christ?

The truth is every one in this cursed world is far away from God. If God doesn’t take the initiative to rescue us and deliver us from our darkness, all will likewise perish.

Christ shed His blood for His people only. They hear and understand His voice, because He has given them ears to hear. He has made them pass from death to life, and He has translated them from the kingdom of darkness unto the Kingdom of God. Christ did not pay for the sins of all. That’s why the corruption of this world is ongoing and it’s no wonder.


Aug 21

Hell is Real

There are many religions that want to make people believe that the afterlife is a blessed state for every one. Some even go as far as to say that God will annihilate all that will go to hell.

The truth is: God expresses many times in the Scriptures that the place called hell, or hades, or Gehenna, is a place of torment for all eternity. He also says that many people will be there forever.

We need to understand that God is righteous. He created the world, and man on it, to serve Him and glorify Him. Man chose to serve himself, and God threw him out of His Paradise. After the fall, every human being comes into this world enslaved to Satan and sin. We all come short of the glory of God.

If God wouldn’t have taken the initiative in selecting some of us according to His election of Grace, nobody would be saved. We all deserve to die and go to hell, because there is no good deed that we can do to get right with God, being, as we are, in the state of corruption that Adam left us.

The Bible reveals to us who God is, and also who man is. God is holy, and righteous. Man is wicked and born in sin. Man is corrupted, blind and spiritually dead. Man can do nothing to get out of his condemnation; he is bound for hades and then, the lake of fire, the second death.

This picture is terrifying and it would be hopeless if God wouldn’t have sent Christ to die on the cross for the sins of some people. So, there is hope for some, who God loved in Jesus Christ.

Those are the ones who love God above all things, because God loved them first. Those are Christ’s sheep who hear His Voice and follow Him. Those are who believe the truth and shun away from Satan’s lies.

God’s people are the only ones who benefit from the sacrifice of Christ. He prayed for His people; He did not pray for the world. He told His people that all who believe in Him have everlasting life, but those who do not believe are condemned already and will not see life, but the Wrath of God abides on them. (John 3:36)

These unbelievers will know one day that hell is real.