Preaching Christ

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Many churches today think that Matthew 28:28 is relevant and important to their faith. It is true that God commanded his people to go throughout the world to preach the Gospel. The only problem with this is that in their haste to go and preach little attention is given to the message.

What is to preach the goods news of salvation? Is it a mixed message of feeling-good techniques, or a psychological way to get out of depression, etc? Most messages in a majority of churches have been made to please the hearers and to enlarge the preachers’ coffers. Is this to preach Christ?

Today’s most popular message is “Jesus loves you”, but not even Christ preached those words. Christ never went around telling people that He loved them. On the contrary, His very first words were “Repent”.

All of us need salvation from the wrath of God and from death. That is the reality of our human condition. We have sinned and are far away from God. In order to live, we need to know God. We need to know the truth of the Gospel. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to be the propitiation for our sins.

The message of the Gospel was “Repent and believe the Gospel” and the message has not changed. It is the same today, Go to all nations and preach the Gospel, Repent and believe.

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