Satan’s looks

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Probably, you have seen the drawings and cartoons of Satan’s representations. Red suit, horns, pitch fork, long tail, cape and hooves.  The problem with this image is that it’s not accurate. It is only an artist’s imagination because of the terrible reputation of this creature.

The description of Satan in the Bible is “as an angel of light”. Think about it. If Satan would be coming to you dressed up in his fiery garment, would you wait for him? Would you stand there and enjoy the encounter? I think not. More likely, you’ll run away as fast as your legs will allow.

That’s the main reason the horrible picture is not true. On the contrary, the Bible describes Satan as the deceiver, the liar, and the way he can deceive more easily is by “transforming himself into an angel of light.” Sooo… beware of angels, especially the “brighter” ones!

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