Exceedingly Sinful Sin

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Before the fall, man had fellowship with God. Then, man sinned and became stranged from that fellowship. He could no longer appear before God, because God rejected him and cut him off.

Man was left in a terrible predicament. He became spiritually blind and dead. Man has no eyes to see God, or ears to hear God’s Word.

When Christ came as a man, he had the purpose and intention to open the eyes and the ears of His people. Christ’s work was to restore the fellowship between God and man as before the fall. He became the Highway of righteousness leading to the presence of the Living God. There is no other way, Christ is the only, unique and perfect way to God.

Now, humankind still lays in sin and death, but some people are being illuminated by God’s Grace and they come to the understanding of His Word. According to God’s Word, man is born in iniquity and has no hope. He is condemned already. He is lost and in his way to eternal damnation, because that is the condition in which Adam’s sin left humankind.

Only God can restore a soul and save him from sin and death. But, men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil. Men are corrupt in mind and soul. That’s the reason why people do not shun away from sin anymore. Adultery, fornication, fraud, lies, greed, and all other forms of sexual abominations, are even passed by “Christians” as personal choices and “rights” that people have.

The reality is that sin is sin, and it will always be, even when people try to justify themselves and change its name. People can change the name of sin, but for God, who is Holy, sin will destroy humankind. God is the only one who can show us how exceedingly sinful sin really is.



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