What do you believe?

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What we believe makes more of what we are than anything else. Everyone has a system of belief that in great measure shapes his life. Most people believe in a religion system, some are atheists and that’s what they believe; others are agnostics or believe in different philosophies.

Today, it seems, that no matter what people believe, they all have a common idea about life after death. Particularly, in the so called “Christian world” many believe that everybody goes to heaven when they die. No one ever says, “they are in hell because they were not believers in the Lord Jesus Christ”, for example.

The truth is that the only people who go to be with God in His Paradise after death are those whose sins have been redeemed and forgiven by Jesus Christ. That’s the only way to heaven. That’s the message of the Bible. That’s what Christ came to accomplish for His people.

Christ is the Savior. He saves His people from sin and death, and that is the only way we can die in assurance of Heaven. Regardless of what people believe, the only road to heaven is Jesus Christ. That is the truth, and the truth is only one, and the truth “shall make you, free.”

So, people can believe their own ideas. The terrorists of 9/11 believed they were going to “Paradise” and willingly killed themselves and thousands more. Unfortunately, they died in their sins; they did not know Jesus Christ, the only way to the real Paradise; they did not know the true God.

These poor, unfortunate men woke up in hell, lifted up their eyes and realized they were lost forever. Their torment had just begun. That must have been terrifying! They learned what true terror is.

What do you believe? Leave a comment and share what you believe about what happens to people after death. Thank you.



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