The Wicked Attempts to Contradict God

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Many people (theologians, religious false Christians) want to deny the truth of God. They engage in debates about doctrines that they do not know, understand or believe. Still, they communicate their views and feelings, and many ignorant people consider their thoughts as true.

Among those false teachers, we find the ones that do not believe hell is real. They rationalize thinking that “a loving God” would not send anybody to hell.

The fact is that the doctrine of eternal damnation is very clearly written in the Scriptures. As soon as God created man, He gave the man a warning, “do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because the day you eat of it, you shall surely die, dying”.

The man disobeyed God, because he believed Satan’s lie and did not trust God’s Word. Man fell into sin, death, and damnation, as God has said. He became subject of Satan’s kingdom and separated from God in life and after death.

At the time, which was before the cross, God revealed that all who died went to a place called Sheol. The Bible describes this place as dark, and silent. A place of consciousness where the souls remained until the time when they would be resurrected.

Daniel spoke about that resurrection. He said that some will be resurrected to live forever, and others will be resurrected to be condemned forever, too.

Christ gave a more detailed description of the place, called Hades in Greek, as a place of darkness, weeping, and gnashing of teeth. There, the souls of the unsaved will remain until the end of time when Christ will come to judge the world.

The final destination of the unbelievers will be the Lake of Fire. God also describes this place as a place where “the worm never dies, and the fire is never quenched”. Revelation 14:11 depicts the end of the unbelievers in unequivocal terms, “The smoke of their torment ascended up forever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night…”

In contrast, the believers have rest forever and ever, “they will rest from their labors”.

So, there are those who denied Hell because they do not like the idea of a just God, who exercise justice upon the ungodly, but that is the truth. God glorifies His Name when He saves His people, and also when He damns the unbelievers to be in torment forever and ever.

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