Common Grace and the Free Offer

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There is a big problem with the preaching of the Gospel today. Thanks to people like Billy Graham, most church goers have been lead to believe that God loves everybody, every single human being who walks on this planet.

Christian churches have used one single verse from the Bible, John 3:16, to support this idea. The preachers and teachers in most churches make a strong emphasis on the words, “For God so loved the world”, almost dismissing the rest of the clause, “all who believe in Christ”.

Others question the idea of a God who loves everyone by saying, “If God loves the world, why there is so much evil?”

The difficulty arises from the fact that most people do not know the truth about God and mostly about us. We need to know God’s Word and learn what He says, first. We can find the answers in His Word.

God, who created the heavens and the Earth, and who made man with His own hands, is Spirit. He declares who He is: Holy, Righteous, Inhabits unapproachable Light. He designed and created a world and universe for His own pleasure and glory. His idea was to create a Kingdom on Earth with people that will honor, obey and love Him.



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