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The doctrine of predestination is one of the most misunderstood teachings of Scripture. It is widely taught from Genesis to Revelation, still, many find it difficult and even abhorrent.

Why is is so? Man is full of pride, and that should be the beginning. Man is also spiritually dead, and he cannot understand the ways of a Sovereign God. Man is dead in trespasses and sins. His mind is abject to the truth, and he looks always for the most complacient way.

Predestination as it is taught in the Bible is the truth that there is a God who created this world according to a plan. He had this plan laid out from before the foundation of the world. God made a Covenant within the Godhead -Father, Son and Holy Spirit- that He was going to create a creature for His glory.

He planned the fall of man to provide a unique Savior – Jesus Christ. God prepared the Serpent to deceive and to destroy His Work. He did this because He had a greater Work in mind – the Atonement.

These things are difficult for most people to understand, because they are not familiar with the Scriptures. They prefer to go to a church and be taught lies that make them feel good about themselves.

The Bible talks about how man is: deceitful and desperately wicked. The Bible also says who God is: Righteous, Holy, and a Consuming Fire. In Jesus Christ, God revealed Himself as the Lamb that was going to redeem His people. He didn’t die for everyone, but only for those He planned to save before the beginning of the world.

That’s where predestination comes about. God created vessels of mercy, and vessels of wrath appointed to destruction. This is what Romans 9 talks about, and every one who call himself a Christian should know this very well.

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