The Serpent in the Garden

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The first time Satan is mentioned in the Bible occurs in the book of Genesis, chapter 3. The serpent is described as a very subtle beast. This beast enticed the woman to eat of the forbidden fruit. The woman made the man eat, too. The Serpent used an appealing lie to make the woman fall: “You shall be like God”. This expectation and the vision of power was enough to make her disobey God.

As the narration continues, we’ll find the promise of the birth of One who “would bruise the head of the Serpent”. This promise was fulfilled when Christ came to die on the cross and to resurrect on the third day. Christ descended into Hades and rescued His people from the dominion of Satan. Satan, the old serpent, has no more power over death, or Hades, or the children of God. He is a defeated enemy, whose only weapon is, and has always been, deception.

Only those who do not belong in God’s kingdom, are under the dominion of Satan. They are all deceiving and being deceived.

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