What denomination represents the true Church of Christ?

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There are around two thousand Christian denominations in the United States alone. They all use the Bible, they sing the same songs and they are very similar in the liturgy. But, are they faithful representatives of the true church of Christ?

Even though, all of these churches have a gospel, how are we certain that what they preach is the true Gospel of Christ? Do they all agree in faith and doctrine? Are all consistent with the true teachings of the Bible?

Unfortunately, the reality is that these are all independent denominations. They may have the Bible, but their gospel is different from one church to another. This fact should be of great concern for all the people involved. Is anyone questioning why are they part of this or that church?

That’s what most people are failing to do. Isn’t that one of the most important warnings given to God’s people? to test the spirits if they are of God? How do we test or prove the spirits? How do we know what is truth and what is a lie? How do we assure ourselves if these churches are preaching the true Gospel?

We have the answer to all of these questions in the Bible, the Word of the Living God! We can only test the spirits when we have knowledge of the Bible. When we read it and know its content. A closed Bible in the bookshelf will not teach us anything. 

Once we start reading and studying the Bible, we will know if what the churches teach agree with what God says in His Word. There is no other way. If we are truly interested in knowing the Truth of God, we should read the Scriptures faithfully. We will find the answer. 

All these denominations may have the appearance of godliness, but if we are in search of truth, we will realize that the center of these churches is not Christ. They have other purposes that appear noble (taking care of the poor, comfort for the afflicted, etc) but knowing Christ and ourselves is not their main purpose. 

We have to examine ourselves and be certain that we walk in the Light of the Gospel, the true Gospel of Christ; He already revealed it to us in the Bible. We should study it and know the Truth that we may be able to test the spirits in all of these churches with different names, and make sure we are not being deceived and that the Spirit of Christ really dwells there.

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