Christ is Coming Again

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The so called Christian world of our days is preoccupied about Christ’s second coming. Unfortunately, the majority of “Christians” have no idea of what God really says about it. Most believe the lie that pastors and false teachers tell them, especially from the popular, false system called ‘Dispensationalism’.

When the disciples asked the Lord, “What shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world?” in Matthew 24:3, Jesus unequivocally answered, “Take heed that no man deceive you”. He reiterates that warning against deception three more times in verses 5, 11, and 24. Christ warned His people against the great deception that would prosper in the religious world before His second coming.

We only need to look around and realize how many different doctrines prevail today regarding Christ’s second coming. In every generation a false teacher arises claiming that Christ will be coming at a specific date that they have “calculated” and they draw big crowds into their deception. These are masters of deception that if it were possible, they would be able to deceive even the very elect – “if it were possible”.

The Gospel that most people hear nowadays is false. Very few are concerned or interested in going to the Scriptures and search what God truly says regarding sin, salvation, Christ’s coming and eternal damnation. Let’s see what the Scriptures say:

The first thing that Christ says about His second coming is that “of that day and hour knoweth no man”. This should be sufficient to disqualified anyone claiming that Christ is coming on such and such a date. Still, many fall for this deception. They do not believe the Scriptures but prefer to believe the lie.

Also, many so called “christians” see nothing wrong with sin. They have followed the way of “this present evil world”. This is the kingdom of Satan, and sin and deception prevail. We all are born in sin and in iniquity we are formed and come to this world in a lost state. Christians today seem not to believe the reality of sin. Most are conformed to this world and want to believe that sin is not exceedingly sinful as the Scriptures say.

Only the Lord Jesus Christ can deliver us from the bondage of Satan and sin. But we need to know the Truth about it. No one can “accept” Christ or “invite” Him into their hearts because we are all spiritually dead in sin. That is a terrible indictment. The first thing the sinner has to do is recognize his hopeless state and his urgent need of a Savior, and that the only Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ is coming again, and His reward is with Him. People should be very concerned about their eternal destiny. Instead of being preoccupied for the “signs” of His coming, we should be assured that we are saved. Am I walking in the Spirit with Christ? Do I have the faith of Christ? When Christ comes, will He receive me with His elect? These questions are the most important to ask ourselves, and we find the answers in the Scriptures of Truth.

Be watchful because Christ is returning at a time when the many will not expect, but occupy yourself with making sure of your election and your salvation with fear and trembling. That is the priority.

Beware of false teachers and false teachings!


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