The Christian Church

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Many people call themselves Christians in our world today. People who go to church, pray publicly, sing a lot, get baptized, and give offerings or pay dues to belong in the church community of their choice. They have been taught that is the way to God. But, Is it?

There are more than sixteen hundred kinds of “Christian” churches in the United States alone. One has to ask, Which one is the right one? They all are very similar in practice, and they all use the Bible in some way, but which one is the right one? Are they all telling the Truth?

One thing is for sure, not all of these churches know or follow the Bible. They have rituals and outward practices that may appear pious but most of them have no regard for the truth of the Scriptures. Biblical doctrine is ignored, changed, and unimportant.

What does Christ and His Word teach about the church? Are all of these churches real Christian churches? We need to examine this in the light of the Scriptures if we want to know the way of truth. It is very important to be sure of the path we take because it is a matter of life and death; eternal life and eternal death.

The Bible teaches that there is only one way to God: the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Way. Regarding His Church the Bible also says, Is Christ divided? Did Christ come to create different churches? Of course not! There is only One true church. But, which one?

The first thing we need to learn is that Christ created the church. He built it and declared that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. This is of great significance and it is imperative to understand what Christ meant as He was preparing His church to face this present evil world.

The church is a spiritual body in communion with the Lord Jesus Christ.

(To be continued)



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