The Christian Church (Last Part)

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When Christ ascended to be with the Father after His resurrection, the Church was left like a widow. In Luke 18:1 we can read the parable of the unjust judge, who did not fear God, neither regarded men.

Christ taught this parable to teach His people that it was necessary to always pray without fainting. The church was left in a condition that requires of her to constantly abide in God’s presence with prayer and supplications.

In Revelation 12, Christ describes the struggle that His Church was going to face until His coming again for her. The Church was given place in the wilderness where she is nurtured and protected until the Bridegroom comes to take her out of this present evil world.

The church of Christ, the company of all true believers in the world, live in constant prayer and supplication before the Creator who will keep them from falling and will avenge them speedily, even when He bears long with them.

We have to pray without ceasing. We have to deny ourselves and retract ourselves from the ways of the world, that we can be ready and alert looking for the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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