Exellency of Knowledge

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If there is anything that most Americans consider to be great to have is knowledge. Even the mainstream media promotes “knowledge is power”. We could agree that knowledge is the greatest possession above everything else. But, knowledge of what?

The notion of knowledge being the most important thing or the principal thing to acquire comes from God Himself. In the book of Proverbs we read many passages talking about knowledge, wisdom and understanding. God exalts knowledge above rubies and precious stones.

It was with the spreading of God’s Word, the Bible, that people learned about the importance of knowledge. God says that He created the world with knowledge and wisdom.

All throughout the Scriptures, knowledge is exalted and finally given a name: Jesus Christ. He is the epitome of knowledge. We read that in “Him are hidden all the secrets of wisdom and knowledge”.

It is a fact that all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have access to the most important fountain of knowledge from the creation of the world. It is given to them in the Scriptures and they have an obligation and a responsibility to search it and learn from it.

Also, the Spirit of God, who indwells every true believer, guides us into the knowledge of the Lord day by day. God commands us to examine ourselves and to know and make sure that He dwells in our hearts by the faith He has given us. He gives us faith and also knowledge through His Word.

The goal of our life in this present evil world is to acquire the knowledge that will equip us to stand before the Lord at His coming and to live in that perfect world He has prepared for all who love Him.

So, every true believer has to mind the things from above and aspire to “count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord”.

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