Hades, not hell

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The word hell has more to do with pagan nordic European religions than with Christianity. Translators in 1611 translated the word “Hades” from the Greek into “hell” in English.
The meaning is different too. The hell of pagan religions has more from human imagination. The hades from the Bible is the reality that God taught His people, and that is mostly ignored today. Hades as it’s described in the Scriptures is a place where those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ will be for all eternity after death. They will be conscious, and tormented.

The beginning of a study on hell should be the Bible. God says a lot about it and He is the only one who can, because He created it and Jesus Christ is God incarnate. So, He would know best.

In the Old Testament the word for hell is “Sheol”. It appears for the first time in Gen. 37:35 when Jacob, the patriarch, is mourning for his son Joseph, who he supposed dead.


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