The Christian World

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Today, we have millions of Christians in the world. The sad thing is that they profess religions that differ from true Christianity, the Christianity of the Bible.

There are “Christians” who don’t even believe the Bible. There are those who don’t believe in Christ. There are even those who do not believe in God, and still call themselves Christians.

What has happened in this world with Christianity? We can trace back this history to the very beginning. We can go to the very moment when Christ told His disciples that there will be false teachers who will deceive many even the elect, if that were possible.

Public Christianity today is a farce. Most Christians all over this world do not know or understand the Scriptures. Pastors, and theologians have written their opinions and personal views in an attempt to interpret the Scriptures. They create confusion and division, because these men are unsaved and do not have the Spirit of God.

It is very sad that after two thousand years, Christianity has changed so much that it does not reflect the truth of the Scriptures anymore. The message of the Gospel has been changed; it has become accursed. There is no truth to be found in the midst of the so called Christian churches.

The disciples were called “Christians” for the first time in Antioch. People in this city, still in existence, have never heard the truth of the Gospel of Christ. Most of the churches addressed in the letters of Revelation were located in Asia.

Today, these nations are under the spell of the false religion of Islam. They have never heard the truth of the Bible. They will never hear it, because the very people who should be qualified to bring the message of salvation are all corrupted and don’t even know the truth.

Only God can bring His truth up again. But, it is written that the apostasy would come and it would trample the truth to the ground. This is what has happened. It was prophesied and it is being fulfilled.

May God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, grant us His Grace, still, that we may see and hear the truth again, at least in this land.

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