Sin is the Big Problem

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Sin is a word that most people don’t want to hear today. Today’s Christian Gospel has changed to the point that Christians do not understand the reality and the consequences of sin anymore.

Preachers have told their congregations, “God hates sin, but loves the sinner” and that misinterpretation of God’s Word has corrupted the mind of many (maybe most) into believing that one can live like a thief, adulterer, whore monger, whore, homosexual, murderer, lier, drunker, drug addict, covetous greedy bastard and still be a saved person.

Well, there is something very wrong with that idea. Preachers who teach their congregations that lie are reprobate men, who haven’t been cleansed of their own sin. They profess to be holy but they walk after their own lust.

The truth is that, yes, we all are sinners and we cannot approach our Holy God in our own terms. We all carry the seed of iniquity in our members, and we all have a deceitful and wicked heart. We are all born in transgression and we will all follow the way of sin and death if God didn’t intervine to change us and regenerate us from our wicked sinful way.

Every human being comes into this world with a sinful soul. Separated from the presence of God, without knowledge and without hope. It is like every one of us comes with the mark of the beast on the forehead: 666, which means “human born in sin and enslaved to the beast (Satan)”.

Also, God hates sin and He hates sinners. He loves only the sinners that He regenerates. He changes the heart of those sinners to make them shun away from sin. They become free from sin and do not live any longer in it.

The problem of sin is so grievous that sinners do not see it, because they are blind and cannot see the reality and the horrific consequences of their sin. Sin is sin, and only God’s power can cleanse us from it. All who live and delight in sin are giving proof that they do not know God, and they have not been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. He is the only one who can regenerate our corrupt hearts and make us walk in newness of life, away from sin.


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